About Jennifer Jones Rashleigh

Jennifer Jones Rashleigh

From the Rocky Mountains to Rhode Island shores, artist-art historian, Jennifer Jones Rashleigh paints iconic wildlife cameos.  Inspired by natural design: the curve in a feather, the vein in a leaf, the iridescence in a fin, the wild contours of a wave, she captures the organic detail and energy that define her exquisite renderings of birds, fish, botanicals and beach scenes. Painting on canvas,  tiles, fabric, furniture and floors, she can be found in her 3rd Story Studio overlooking the Sakonnet Bay and in her new Studio-Gallery at Tiverton Four Corners, 3879 Main Road, Tiverton, RI.

Cédian: the meaning

A plausible derivative of the Spanish verb ceder ( to transfer) and the French noun cedre (the cedar evergreen) this transcription of Whadilen native species is conveyed onto utilitarian objects through textile staining and other painting processes that bind pigments to wood panel, paper, canvas and fabric; but really, Cédian is simply a composite of my kids’ names and we like the way it sounds!